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A press release from Radiant Data Corporation:

December 9, 2004
Radiant Data Redefines Data Availability and Replication with PeerFS v3.0
The only replication technology that provides continuous access to any data on any node, anywhere in the network

NIWOT, Colo. – Radiant Data Corp. ( has announced PeerFS™ Version 3.0, a true peer-to-peer continuous data availability technology for Linux-based enterprise applications.

Unlike other replication technologies, PeerFS works semi-synchronously to guarantee seamless, consistent access to data. Further, the data on all nodes is always visible and useable by local applications. PeerFS enables simultaneous transactions on multiple servers in multiple locations with separate but identical data stores. This provides unique scaling capabilities for users running Linux on Apache, MySQL, PHP and other web services components.

“Linux server installations, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and Apache are playing an increasingly important role in today’s enterprise,” said Bob Showman, senior vice president, strategic development for Radiant Data. “Organizations need to ensure that these systems and data are fault tolerant and scalable— PeerFS is that insurance. It is ideal for environments requiring continuous data availability such as databases, web services, e-mail and shared storage.”

PeerFS 2.1 debuted at LinuxWorld in August, 2004. The newly released Version 3.0 includes the following enhancements:
·New supported Linux distributions, including Trustix and Debian (in addition to Red Hat) and support for the Linux 2.6 kernel with support for the SuSE Standard Server 9.0 and SuSE Enterprise Server 9.0.
·A new user-tunable configuration policy. “Lost node policy” may be set for when a node detects that one or more nodes in the configuration group are no longer reachable.
·Consistency groups with greater than two nodes are now robustly supported.
·PeerFS diskless clients receive new functionality with the addition of load balancing and host affinity options to the mount command.

“I was looking for a solid, reliable product to provide real time replication to multiple nodes and found it in PeerFS,” said Ed Bailey, director of information systems for University of Florida, Department of Materials Science and Engineering. “I set out not just to shrink the backup window but to eliminate it entirely. PeerFS is simple and does the job.”

Starting at $1,995, PeerFS 3.0 is sold through a network of resellers on a per-node basis. Channel partners are delivering several solution packages based on PeerFS, including blade and multi-processor servers, storage and other Linux software.

A 30-day evaluation version of PeerFS v3.0 is available by visiting Contact or call 866-652-0870 x120 (toll free, U.S. only) for more information.

About Radiant Data Corporation
Founded in 2000, Colorado-based Radiant Data Corporation provides software and services to ensure continuous data availability. Our software enables dynamic data sharing with network-wide consistency among any number of sites. Services include architecture, consulting, training and technical support to assist with the installation, configuration and maintenance of PeerFS. For more information, contact Radiant Data Corporation at +1-866-652-0870 or
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