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Linus Torvalds has announced the release of the eighth release candidate for Linux kernel 6.7. 

Linux kernel 6.7-rc8 released

So as expected, pretty much nothing happened over the holiday week. We've got literally just 45 files changed, and almost a third of those files aren't even kernel code (ie things like selftests, scripting, Kconfig and maintainer file updates). And some of the rest is prep-work and cleanups for future (real) changes.

But we do have a couple of real fixes in there, and I suspect we'll get a few more next week as people come back from their food-induced torpor.

So rc8 is mostly just a placeholder, and a "I do rc's each week, whether they matter or not". Shortlog appended for completeness.

And hey, regardless of whether all you peeps are interested in testing another rc or not, here's to hoping you all had a good 2023, and wishes for an even better 2024!


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