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Nick Wellnhofer has announced the release of Libxml2 2.12.2.

Libxml2 2.12.2 released (2.52M)
sha256sum: 3f2e6464fa15073eb8f3d18602d54fafc489b7715171064615a40490c6be9f4f


  • parser: Fix invalid free in xmlParseBalancedChunkMemoryRecover
  • globals: Disable TLS in static Windows builds
  • html: Reenable buggy detection of XML declarations
  • tree: Fix regression when copying DTDs
  • parser: Make CRLF increment line number

Build fixes

  • build: Disable compiler TLS by default
  • cmake: Update
  • tests: Fix tests --with-valid --without-xinclude


Libxml2 2.12.2 released