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Libreboot 20230423 has been released. The libreboot project offers a free BIOS/UEFI firmware replacement that boots specific Intel/AMD x86 and ARM targets.

Libreboot – Libreboot 20230423 released!

Libreboot provides boot firmware for supported x86/ARM machines, starting a bootloader that then loads your operating system. It replaces proprietary BIOS/UEFI firmware on x86 machines, and provides an improved configuration on ARM-based chromebooks supported (U-Boot bootloader, instead of Google’s depthcharge bootloader). On x86 machines, the GRUB and SeaBIOS coreboot payloads are officially supported, provided in varying configurations per machine. You can find the list of supported hardware in the Libreboot documentation.

The last Libreboot release, version 20230413, was released on 13 April in 2023. This new release, Libreboot 20230423, is released today on April 23rd, 2023.

This is marked as a testing release, though it is basically stable. We’ve been going at it like crazy, on a big spree adding more mainboards from coreboot. Some fixes to the build system were also made, since the last release only 10 days ago.

The priority for Libreboot is to add as many new boards as possible, from now to the next stable release (ETA Q3 2023), with many testing releases in between. Release early, release often. Rigorious testing ensues.

This is in the last
 10 days, since the previous release was 10 days ago! Ergo, this is a very conservative changelog. It seems Libreboot has been releasing almost fortnightly, as of late; perhaps this could continue from now on.

New mainboards now supported:

  • Dell Latitude E6400 (laptop) (GM45, blob-free, flashable entirely in software, no disassembly required!) - courtesy Nicholas Chin, nic3-14159 on Libreboot IRC.
  • HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF (desktop), courtesy Riku Viitanen (Riku_V on Libreboot IRC) - Sandybridge hardware generation, really nice machine, cheap, easy to flash, supports 32GB RAM, multiple HDDs etc.
  • HP EliteBook Folio 9470m (laptop), courtesy Riku Viitanen (IvyBridge gen)
  • HP EliteBook 2560p (laptop), courtesy Riku Viitanen (seriously cool guy) - Sandybridge hardware gen

Libreboot – Libreboot 20230423 released!