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Libgnome-keyring 3.2.0 has been released

gnome-keyring is the part of the GNOME Desktop that saves your passwords
and encryption keys securely. libgnome-keyring is a library that allows
applications to interact with the keyrings and passwords.

This is a stable release.

Many thanks to all the testers and everyone who pitched in to help
toward this release.

Important Notes:

* This version of libgnome-keyring needs gnome-keyring-daemon
3.0.0 or later running.

* Some helpful notes for distributors:

Changes between 3.0.0 and 3.2.0:

* Make sure we initialize dbus thread primitives
* Print warning when we get kicked off the bus for some reason
* Properly send the Type property when a new item is created
* Build, crasher and testing fixes
* Add test tool for unlocking keyrings

Details of changes between 3.0.0 and 3.2.0:

Abduxukur Abdurixit (1):
Added UG translation

Alexander Larsson (1):
Make sure we initialize dbus thread primitives

Amitakhya Phukan (2):
Updated Assamese translations
Adding as to LINGUAS

Carles Ferrando (1):
[l10n]Updated Catalan (Valencian) translation

Hermien Bos (1):
Translation for Afrikaans (af)

Ihar Hrachyshka (1):
Added Belarusian translation.

Martin Pitt (1):
Fix crash from recent memleak fix (b49e32b)

Muhammet Kara (2):
Added Turkish translation
Added Turkish translation

Nilamdyuti Goswami (2):
Updated Assamese translation
Updated Assamese Translations:bugzilla#659595

Rajesh Ranjan (1):
hindi added and translated and lingua upodated

Stef Walter (29):
Rework the compile options
Add debugging instrumentation to operations.
Cleanup documentation warnings.
Add debugging instrumentation to operations.
Add some code to debug to syslog in emergency situations.
Better fix for dbus threading race condition.
Merge branch 'dbus-race-condition' into gnome-3-0
Cleanup documentation warnings.
Better testing configure options.
Release version 3.0.1
Merge branch 'gnome-3-0'
Rename to
Release version 3.1.1
Bump version number
test-any-daemon is not really a automated test. Rename.
Release version 3.0.2
Add new test tool for unlocking keyrings.
Release 3.0.3
Merge branch 'gnome-3-0'
Release version 3.1.4
Remove unused variable
egg: Actually use secure memory flag in HKDF calculations
egg: Initialize libgcrypt correctly before HKDF tests
Release 3.1.90
Try and reset the default keyring after running tests on a daemon.
Properly send the Type property when a new item is created.
Print warning when we get kicked off the bus for some reason.
Release 3.1.92
Release version 3.2.0

ipraveen (2):
Updated Telugu Translation
Added Telugu Translation

landijk (1):
Fix memory leaks.




Stef Walter