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A libcaca security update has been released for Slackware Linux 15.0 and current.

libcaca (SSA:2023-284-04)

libcaca (SSA:2023-284-04)

New libcaca packages are available for Slackware 15.0 and -current to
fix a security issue.

Here are the details from the Slackware 15.0 ChangeLog:
patches/packages/libcaca-0.99.beta20-i586-1_slack15.0.txz: Upgraded.
Fixed a crash bug (a crafted file defining width of zero leads to divide by
zero and a crash). Seems to be merely a bug rather than a security issue, but
I'd been meaning to get beta20 building so this was a good excuse.
Thanks to marav.
For more information, see:
(* Security fix *)

Where to find the new packages:

Thanks to the friendly folks at the OSU Open Source Lab
( for donating FTP and rsync hosting
to the Slackware project! :-)

Also see the "Get Slack" section on for
additional mirror sites near you.

Updated package for Slackware 15.0:

Updated package for Slackware x86_64 15.0:

Updated package for Slackware -current:

Updated package for Slackware x86_64 -current:

MD5 signatures:

Slackware 15.0 package:
b7642ee1b129d0d7e442e5dbe4eae537 libcaca-0.99.beta20-i586-1_slack15.0.txz

Slackware x86_64 15.0 package:
396a75d6dd89e577477dc2cfa0fe1750 libcaca-0.99.beta20-x86_64-1_slack15.0.txz

Slackware -current package:
c515dc00323d3a561e2e6d6e8a844f2d l/libcaca-0.99.beta20-i586-1.txz

Slackware x86_64 -current package:
eb3b5db5b74aeb7bae8c50154ad8285a l/libcaca-0.99.beta20-x86_64-1.txz

Installation instructions:

Upgrade the package as root:
# upgradepkg libcaca-0.99.beta20-i586-1_slack15.0.txz


Slackware Linux Security Team