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Legendary, the open-source game launcher, has been updated. Legendary allows users to download and install games from the Epic Games library on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Legendary Release 0.20.34 - Direct Intervention

Another set of long-overdue fixes, alongside a critical hotfix for the Webview login being broken.

As always you can support Legendary development via  Ko-Fi

Note: Due to some compatibility issues no DEB package is provided for this release.

CLI Changes

  • launch command
    • DLC with executable can now be launched (e.g. Unreal Engine Editor for Fortnite)
  • download/install command
    • Added --bind parameter to bind to one or more IPs (e.g. to use multiple network interfaces simultaneously)


  • Added support for overriding config directory via LEGENDARY_CONFIG_PATH environment variable

Bug fixes

  • Fixed info command crashing if game has no custom attributes set
  • Fixed a deadlock when deleting expired user information
  • Correctly check for SDL tags and write tags to config after successful verification ( #584/ #608)
  • Fixed importing EGL auth on Linux ( #589)
  • Fixed opening URLs on Wine, e.g. EA App/Origin game launches ( #595)
  • Avoid unnecessary buffer copies in download worker ( #621)
  • Fixed list-files not working with empty install tag ""
  • Fixed disable_sdl config option
  • Added python3 shebang
  • Fixed auth --token not working
  • Ignore private apps in user library (metadata cannot be fetched for those)
  • Fixed webview login not working as it now requires a user-agent containing EpicGamesLauncher for some reason

Release 0.20.34 - Direct Intervention · derrod/legendary