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A new maintenance release of the popular open source video editing tool Kdenlive is now available.

Kdenlive 23.08.1 released

The first maintenance release of the 23.08 series is out:

  • Fix audio channel setting breaking opening of existing project file.  Commit.
  • Fix possible crash in audiolevel widget.  Commit.
  • Fix default audio channels for project not correctly saved.  Commit.
  • Fix guide/marker categories all black on some non english locales.  Commit.
  • Ensure Media browser saves zoom level when using mouse wheel to zoom.  Commit.
  • Extract audio: export only active streams, merge all if requested.  Commit.
  • Fix crash on subclip transcoding.  Commit.
  • Fix audio extract for multi stream clips.  Commit.
  • When restoring audio or video component in timeline, first try target track, then mirror track.  Commit.
  • Fix multi guide export enabled by default.  Commit.
  • Fix guides categories all black when opening a project from a different locale.  Commit.
  • Fix archiving crash on Windows caused by filesystem case sensitivity.  Commit.
  • Project Bin: don’t draw icon frame if icon size is null.  Commit.
  • Fix zone rendering not remembered when reopening a project.  Commit.
  • Fix detection/fixing when several clips in the project use the same file.  Commit.
  • Correctly update guides list when switching timeline tab.  Commit.

Kdenlive 23.08.1 released - Kdenlive