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A new maintenance release of the popular open source video editing tool Kdenlive has been released.

Kdenlive 22.08.2 released

The second maintenance release of the 22.08 series is out with many usability and bug fixes. Some highlights include fixed pasted “ghost” keyframes, effects overlay now properly scale on monitor zoom, loopable image sequence clips are working again and VP8 alpha renders don’t crash anymore. This version also comes with some quality of life improvements like when pasting a clip the cursor moves to the last frame and remembering the effect’s keyframe status. We’ve also added Pixabay videos to the online resources module.

Full list of fixes:
  • Fix config and render ui tab order.  Commit.
  • Fix pasting ungrouped audio clip sometimes landing on unexpected track or complaining there is not enough tracks.  Commit.
  • Fix tests.  Commit.
  • Ensure resource providers are not listed twice.  Commit.Fixes bug  #460060
  • Make timecode display listen to profile change and automatically adjust fps.  Commit.
  • Remember effect keyframe status (show/hide).  Commit.
  • Seek to item last frame on paste.  Commit.
  • Fix effect overlay not properly scaling on monitor zoom.  Commit.
  • Timeline preview: ensure we don’t insert chunks of the wrong size (would cause 1 on 2 chunks to fail insert), ensure the orange “working” chunks disappears on stop.  Commit.
  • Fix possible profile corruption when switching to a never used profile.  Commit.
  • Fix crash closing proxy test dialog.  Commit.
  • [Image Sequences] Fix loop option.  Commit.Fixes bug  #382432
  • [Image Sequence] Fix wrong thumbnails.  Commit.
  • Fix thumbnails for loopable clips.  Commit.
  • [Online Resources] Add provider for Pixabay Videos.  Commit.Fixes bug  #435569
  • [Online Resource Providers] Support object downloadUrls arrays.  Commit.
  • [Resource Widget] Fix open license and provider website.  Commit.
  • Fix track audio level empty on pause.  Commit.
  • Align master audio level with MLT’s audiolevel filter (use only the first 200 samples).  Commit.
  • Don’t add unnecessary audio level filter on master.  Commit.
  • Minor fix for updated MLT audiolevel filter (will fix track levels).  Commit.
  • Deprecate MLT’s old boxblur filter (replaced with new box_blur effect).  Commit.
  • Fix resetting keyframe selection after deleting a keyframe from timeline.  Commit.
  • Fix pasting effect with keyframes partially broken.  Commit.
  • Correctly preselect timeline toolbar when editing it from context menu.  Commit.
  • Fix effect stack view incorrect on hide keyframes (was still showing the timecode).  Commit.
  • Fix ghost keyframes created when pasting an effect to a clip that has a crop start smaller than source clip and on clip speed resize.  Commit.
  • Fix wrong timecode offset in keyframewidget of transitions.  Commit.Fixes bug  #439748
  • Fix crash on bin clip deletion with instance on locked track.  Commit.Fixes bug  #459260
  • Add test for bin clip deletion with instance on locked track.  Commit.See bug  #459260
  • Fixed thumbnail cache not being rebuilt anymore in “Show video preview in thumbnails” mode.  Commit.
  • Don’t update keyframe parameters when changing a keyframe selection state.  Commit.
  • Fix tests crash.  Commit.
  • Fix vp8 with alpha render crash.  Commit.
  • Don’t delete audio tasks when switching profile.  Commit.
  • Fix usage count column visible in bin.  Commit.
  • Fix uninitialized var messing audio record and possible crash.  Commit.
  • Fix sorting by date not working for newly inserted clips, other sorting issues.  Commit.See bug  #458784
  • Don’t mess rotation data on proxy transcoding.  Commit.

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