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David Faure has announced the release of KDE Frameworks 5.93.0.

KDE Frameworks 5.93.0 released

10th April 2022. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.93.0.


KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see  https://kde.org/products/frameworks/

Breeze Icons

Add some more symlinks for zoom icons (bug 450870)
Add input-tvremote

Extra CMake Modules

Fix finding qmake
ECMQueryQt: don't fail when TRY is used
ECMQueryQt: Add fallbacks
ECMAddQch: Make it work with Qt6::qhelpgenerator too
Deprecate ECMQueryQmake, superseded by ECMQueryQt
KDEInstallDirs6: port from custom logic to ecm_query_qt
Port from ECMQueryQmake to ECMQueryQt
Android: use the current cmake executable
Add ECMQueryQt module, which encompases both Qt5 Qmake and Qt6 qtpaths
generate-fastlane-metadata: Don't fail if source URL can not be found
Fix checking the repository name for detached remotes
Check that you're building the framework in a supported platform
Android: autodetect the use of llvm

KDE Doxygen Tools

add cmake file for standardised build


add chrono overload for setTimeout


Add Android to supported platforms in repo metadata


Notify on notebook change for exceptions
Note use of low-level libical function
Print more information about errors when loading vCalendars (bug 328976)
Implement notebook association when parsing iCal data
Fix storing of times with UTC offsets
Compare QDateTime times, timespecs, and timezones


Fix KPluginSelector KCMs missing their metadata on plugin loading (bug
Mark Windows and macOS as supported


Disable DBus support on Windows by default
Make KConfig::mainConfigName() public
kconf_update: Fix checking for changes of update files


Merge KColorSchemePrivate::init and constructor
Unify both KColorSchemePrivate constructors
Default to light mode, where AppsUseLightTheme isn't set (notably Windows
Move KStatefulBrush to its own dedicated header
Deprecate KColorScheme::contrast
Fix automatic color scheme on Windows
khamburgermenu: Ensure menu is polished before creating window
Fix blame ignore list
[kcolorschememanager] Initialize selected scheme from config
Add Android to supported platforms in the repo metadata


Addressee: make birthday writable from QML (bug 446665)
Fix bug 451962: append Instant Messaging service list (bug 451962)


Add default argument for KPluginFactory::create where no keyword and args
have to be specified
Also wrap Kdelibs4ConfigMigrator in a QT_VERSION check for Qt6
Optimize KPluginMetaData::findPluginById by using QPluginLoader directly
Remove *.doc pattern for text/plain
KPluginMetaData: find plugins in the directory of the executable, too


metainfo.yaml - add macOS as a supported platform


Deprecate KQuickAddons::QtQuickSettings::init

KDELibs 4 Support

Use KDE_INSTALL_FULL_* variables where needed
Don't assume libexec is a LIB_INSTALL_DIR subfolder


exiv2extractor: add support for avif, heif, jpeg xl


Add macOS to supported platforms list

KDE GUI Addons

Gracefully ignore SIGPIPE
Use nativeInterface to access the x11 display

KHolidays #

All values of category get read from holiday file
Unreliable print of solstice in holidays
Remove double entries and correct indian- (bug 441275)


Build without kglobalaccel on Windows and mac


Fixed crash during KIdleTime::timeoutReached() (bug 451946)
Use nativeInterface to access the x11 display


Fix XCF parasites metadata in QImage and support to ICC profile
avif: encoder speed 7->6
avif: fix jumpToImage
avif: warn about non-recommended libavif configuration


Fix KRecentDocumentTest
fix reading wrong integer type from config (bug 452048)
Add Yandex search keywords
[KFilePlacesView] Don't append "(hidden)" to disappearing groups
Don't use KCrash on Android, currently not used there
KOpenWithDialog: alternative fix for the sort filter model regex
Introduce KCoreUrlNavigator
filewidgets: Auto-select filename before extension in filename dialog
Add support in krecentdocument to add to recently-used.xbel
[KFilePlacesView] Drop now unused placeEntered/Left handling
[KFilePlacesView] Show free space as permanent thin line
include QStandardPaths
KRecentDocuments: don't save history for hidden files by default
KUrlNavigator: don't force LtR (bug 428567)
[KPropertiesDialog] Use PlainText format for most labels
KFileItem: protect againt ' ' passed mimeType
KFileItem: use passed mimeType to determine isDir (bug 401579)
KOpenWithDialog: Include arguments in name when writing a new desktop file
Add Android to the list of supported platforms
[KPropertiesDialog] Make read-only filename label selectable by mouse
[KFilePlacesModel] Improve outcome of dropped places
[ftp] Simplify code


InlineMessage: Do not layout for actions at bottom when there are none
only change height if visible
-warning: Shortcut.sequence is an Array
Units: Delete QML FontMetrics object when Units is destructed
ListItemDragHandle: Emit moveRequest when cursor enters a new index (bug
BasicListItem: tighten up spacing for text+subtitle labels
ListSectionHeader: vertically align default text item
PlaceholderMessage: compare string length rather than content
Render Page's default heading as PlainText
Page: Don't load global toolbar async so that the header looks less stuttery
Fix warning on the org.kde.desktop Theme
controls/SwipeListItem: handle RtL properly (bug 441156)


KExtendableItemDelegate: Fix HiDPI positioning of indicator arrows (bug


Fix problems renaming a temporary file on Windows
Installation: don't let QTemporaryFile delete the file before using it
Do not set user-visible name as additional agent information when copying
provider (bug 451165)
Do not set user-visible name as additional agent information (bug 451165)
Engine: Default to autoconfig.kde.org for reading ProvidersUrl
Port to ECMQmlModule
Fix close button for NewStuff.Dialog not existing on X11 (bug 437653)
Fix certain tars not being recognized as valid archives (bug 450662)

KPackage Framework

PackageJobThread: Also check if metadata.json file exists
Explicitly call KPluginMetaData::fromJsonFile when constructing metadata
Fix desktoptojson invocation when cross-compiling


Mark copy job when opening remote URLs as transient
Mark Android as supported


Add macOS to supported platforms
add setWinSize() overload which also takes pixels


Add Android, Windows and MacOS to supported platforms
Correct install location for ecm_finalize_qml_module()
cmake: Use the right path to find ECMFindQmlModule.cmake
Don't crash if we have no qmlContext for a deprecated object
Use the right path when including ECMFindQmlModule in CMake package config
Fix punctuation/whitespace of runtime rate-limited deprecation warnings
Don't add module-uri based path to finalize_qml_module
Don't use CMake exports for things that aren't really exported
Port controls module to use ECMQmlModule
Port main module to use ECMQmlModule


Mark qrc file as non-copyrightable
Remove upper-limits for RunnerManagerTest's timeouts


simplify + optimize uniq command
Fix switching back to normal mode from VI
quickfix crash on Qt 6
remove shortcut conflicting with KDevelop ATM
fix wrap of search for slash (bug 451893)
Fix multicursor anchor in findNext
Fix multicursor pasting when cursors don't match copied text
Fix ordering of selectionText
Warn + assert if multicursorClipboard.size == 1
Implement multicursor copy/paste
Hide statusbar with permanent widget
Improve cursor movement with RTL text in doc (bug 451789)
Add support for custom line height (bug 328837)
Fix cursor in RTL text with dyn wrap on (bug 385694 368182)
Don't try to convert non-char key codes to strings
port to QScreen & fix position on Wayland
Move print and export actions into submenu
Add actions to allow adding a new line above/below
multicursor: Use same code path as primary for cursor placing
Fix multicursor position after selection removal
use special value to indicate never for auto save
Allow auto saving document
Take wrapCursor into account when creating cursor using keybaord
Improve autocompletion handling
Add support for auto wrap selection with chars + test
Add support for auto brackets + fix indentation + test
Fix crash with stale indexes (bug 451593)
Rewrite merge selections to fix all known cases
multicursors: combine cursor and selection into one type
fix config dialog sizing
Disable multicursor in block selection mode (bug 451542)
Remove shortcut for duplicateLinesUp
Clear previous selections when finding AllOcurrences
Ensure to provide a proper cursor position
Use moving cursors directly in typeChars
Use doc->lineLength
Avoid tagging lines that are not in view
Fix toggle comment with space at the start (bug 451471)
Improve performance with multiple cursors
Make the multicursor modifier configurable
keep bom action in tools
Move some editing related actions to Edit menu from Tools
Fix incorrect select anchor after undo
Fix multicursor undo selection restoration
Allow toggling camel cursor movement
Clear highlights when multiselecting next occurence
Find All occurences and select them
Find next occurence and select it
Make multicursor shortcuts actions
multicursor: Introduce setSecondaryCursors
multicursors: Support tab indent
Undo: Clear cursors when undo doesn't have secondary cursors..
Don't allow to place cursor on top of primary
New shortcuts for duplicate-line-up/down
Read script action shortcuts as portable text instead of native text
Remove stray include
Fix undo doesn't restore cursors
new method to add a bunch of cursors at once
Fix backspace cursor duplication
Completely disable cursors for vimode
Try to add new cursor in the same column as primary cursor
clear multicursors on mouse move
Fix word jumping
Restore old Ctrl+H behaviour
Make cursor painting instant
Make paintCursor a bit more efficient
ensure to update cursors immediately
Fix Ctrl+H, use only primary selection text as pattern
Multicursors undo/redo support
Allow creating cursors from selection
Slightly improve Alt+Ctrl+Up/Down cursor creation
Fix selection merging for cursorUp/Down
Fix home and end actions
Ensure unique cursors after deleting
Remove multicursors on doc reload
move caret drawing to separate function
Fix all cursors get hidden with cursorUp
Remove selections when adding new cursor
Fix cursor still visible when toggling
Disable multicursors for overwrite mode
Clear multicursors in block select mode
Multicursor text transforms (capitalize, lowercase, uppercase)
multicursor transpose chars
Multicursor newline support
Multi cursor auto completion support
Ctrl + Alt Up/Down to create new cursors
Remove unused method
multicursor copy support
Add incremental multicursor search
Fix selection removal with multicursors
Multicursor home/end support
Mutlicurosr delete key
Disable multicursor for overwrite/vi mode
Backspace for multiple cursors
multicursor selection removal
Multicursor kill lines
Improve cursorUp and handle selection removal
Remove multicursors on big movements
WIP: Basic multicursor support
Don't build KAuth integration on Windows
vimode: fix extra newline when using the "Find" action (bug 451076)
fixed loop break condition
ensure correct highlighting after text change
fix highlighting while typing in search bar (/)
fix config dialog sizes for KTextEditor (bug 445541)
simplify check for empty last line
add new line on save inside the buffer (bug 450919)
Implement TextBuffer::saveBuffer without QTextStream
tidy: make trivially destructible


Install Client headers in a dirs hierarchy matching the C++ namespaces
We don't actually need Qt6WaylandCompositor


Align buttons (and icon) on top, also when word wrap is off, but text is
pre-formatted to span multiple lines
avoid quadratic search of children widgets


KShortcutsEditorDelegate: Fix HiDPI rendering of indicator arrows (bug
Tests: Enable HiDPI pixmap rendering
Add Android to supported platforms in repo metadata
Fix broken "Add to Toolbar" action


Check DBus signal connection
Include milliseconds when formatting SMS timestamps


Connect in the correct order everywhere
Remove workaround for properties changing
Do not create devices to just find out the type

Plasma Framework

Make WindowThumbnail build against Qt6 as well
Highlight: change hover: property to hovered:
Don't install the heading SVG in breeze-light and breeze-dark Plasma themes
AppletInterface: Add `self` property which just returns `this`
Allow applets to have empty json metadata & use KPackage's metadata instead
Do not compute sizes within dialogs when they're not visible
Port dateengine away from inperformant KPluginInfo hack
Factor out QML module URI string
Adapt to the deprecation of qmlRegisterInterface in Qt6
Add default switch statement
Add power profile icons (bug 449475)
Fix Plasmoid attached property look-up on Config objects (bug 451482)
Fix potential null parent access
Break recursion when checking compact representation
Use generic breeze-styled arrow in Plasma style
Port to PlasmaExtras version of Highlight
Hardcode keyboard shortcut in SearchField for now
Add ActionTextField, SearchField, and PasswordField
PC3: Remove unreachable code in Svg item from DefaultListItemBackground
AppletQuickItem: Ensure we provide the attached property when we have it
Port from using plasmoid to Plasmoid
Calendar: Draw highlight below the text (bug 451209)
Use PACKAGE_CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX before any find_dependency() calls
Move Highlight from PlasmaComponents 2.0 to PlasmaExtras
Introduce PLASMA_NO_CONTEXTPROPERTIES to disable Plasma QML context


Do not make space for invisible items in menus
TextFieldContextMenu: Make menu separator invisible when its preceding items
are too
KQuickStyleItem: use control mirrored property if available


Recognize fuse.gocryptfs mounts as devices like we do for cryfs and encfs
(bug 452070)


Enable Windows spellchecker with mingw
Add Android to supported platforms in repo metadata
hunspell: resolve symlinks with canonicalFilePath()

Syntax Highlighting

Go syntax - "go" -> ControlFlow
Go syntax - Separate ControlFlow from Keywords
Bash/Zsh: fix expression closing parenthesis in regex (bug 450478)

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB