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Linux and Main has posted an article about KDE and Red Hat:

"Disagreements between the developers of KDE and Red Hat are poised to burst into a full-grown feud following remarks made by Red Hat employees, changes made to KDE in the latest Red Hat beta, and what KDE developers see as the leading Linux distributor's general disrespect for the KDE development effort.

The dispute, which has simmered since Red Hat and its Advanced Development Lab promoted and worked on the GNOME desktop to the exclusion of KDE, has grown worse recently, and has been fueled by the way in which KDE is deployed in the latest Red Hat beta, codenamed "null," by an offer Red Hat made to KDE in connection with this month's LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, and by email disparaging KDE that was apparently written by a Red Hat employee and was leaked to KDE developers."

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