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Techradar posted a review on 5 Office suites for Linux

Office suites are the quintessential productivity apps, and they come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, you'll find them in every general purpose Linux distro - from full-blown desktop distros like Fedora and Ubuntu, to miniscule ones such as Puppy Linux. An office suite is made up of apps - typically a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentation app. Mainstream office suites like LibreOffice bundle these apps, occasionally along with other components such as a database or note-taking app, in an integrated package. But these monolith suites are not for everyone, and that is why KDE developed its own set of optimised office apps packaged as the Calligra Suite. Instead of shipping such integrated suites, some distros mash up different apps, such as AbiWord and the Gnumeric spreadsheet app. Although these are lighter than the other suites, they still have many of the features that most users want. This is something that's leveraged by online suites. Most can't match the offline suites for features, but their lower cost and negligible hardware requirements make them an attractive option for users with older hardware. Word processor More than a scribbler? A typical office suite bundles at least three apps. Of these, the one that's used by a majority of users, if not all, is the word processor. Compared with a text editor, a word processor has a lot more options to compose, format and edit a document. LibreOffice Writer has several wizards to help you get started on creating a document.
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