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A new beta version of Heroic Games Launcher has been released for testing. Heroic Games Launcher is an open source game launcher with support for games from the Epic Games Store using the Legendary CLI tool.

Heroic Games Launcher 2.5.0 Beta 3 - HowLongToBeat on GamePage and more!

This is the third (probably) latest beta we will have for 2.5.0.
From now on we will focus only on bugfixes since this version already has several new and amazing features besides major refactors and performance improvements.

What's New

  • Integrated How Long to Beat data on GamePage
  • Downloads manager now will add uploads to the list as well and had UI improvements as well
  • The interface when using a joystick should be more seamless and follow the same controls as the SteamDeck UI.
  • Heroic will detect if the game folder installed on an External Drive/SDCard is available or not and change it is status to not installed, just like Steam Deck behaves after removing the SDCard, for instance.
  • Improved how Heroic gets the saves path for cloud sync saves.
  • [Linux] Added a checkbox to use the default wine settings when installing a game.
  • Fixed a bug where Heroic could not install VKD3D correctly
  • Fixed a bug where autosaves sync was not working when launching games from Steam.
  • Updated Legendary to the latest version.
  • Added some performance improvements, especially on the game page and install dialog.

Known bugs

  • Not available games still being ordered along with installed games.
  • Importing games from GameCard does not change the status to installed.
  • Not available games still shows the update icon.
  • HowLongToBeat date does not return anything if the game title has some characters like for trademark or copyrights.

Full Changelog

  • [UI] Add css variable for controller hints background by  @wbrtm in  #1989
  • [Fix] Verify that a valid Wine/Proton prefix exists before running any Wine command by  @CommandMC in  #1987
  • [UI] Fix dialog content width by  @arielj in  #1996
  • [UI] Fixes game page scroll when content doesn't fit the screen by  @arielj in  #1994
  • [Legendary] Update linux binary by  @arielj in  #1991
  • Gamepad navigation tweaks by  @wbrtm in  #1971
  • Update Legendary to 0.20.31 by  @CommandMC in  #2003
  • [Tech] Add types to all IPC functions by  @CommandMC in  #1901
  • [UI] Hide Clear button for Library's Search Bar by  @redromnon in  #2007
  • [Fix] Steam runtime making games fail to launch by  @flavioislima in  #2019
  • [Logs] Catch invalid JSON outputs from legendary when launching games by  @arielj in  #2011
  • [UI] Hide wine-related settings for games when Wine is not used by  @arielj in  #2008
  • [i18n] Updated Translations by  @weblate in  #1990
  • [Tech] UI performance improvements + small fixes by  @flavioislima in  #2010
  • [Fix] offline notification text by  @wbrtm in  #1980
  • [Linux - UI/UX] Show Checkbox to use default Wine Settings on new Installs by  @flavioislima in  #2022
  • --offline flag fix for beta by  @CommandMC in  #2037
  • [Fix/Epic] Handle metadata files with dots in their name correctly by  @CommandMC in  #2038
  • [UI] Show How Long to Beat Data on Game Page by  @flavioislima in  #2032
  • [UI/UX] Download Manager Improvements by  @flavioislima in  #2029
  • [UI/UX] Detect if the game folder is available and show if the game is installed or not by  @flavioislima in  #2031
  • Add a timeout when watching Legendary's installed.json by  @CommandMC in  #2042
  • [FIX] Auto Sync Saves not working on No-GUI mode by  @Zarklord in  #2045
  • [Backend] Add support for auto enabling anti cheat runtimes for legendary on linux by  @Etaash-mathamsetty in  #2044
  • [Fix] errorHandler: Handle grep exit code of 1 better by  @CommandMC in  #2052
  • Use new --accept-path flag in save sync by  @CommandMC in  #2004
  • [General] Avoid unnecessary config writes by  @CommandMC in  #1988
  • [UI] Fix downloads styling by  @Etaash-mathamsetty in  #2055
  • [Fix/Epic] Only delete userInfo key from configStore when logging out by  @CommandMC in  #2054
  • [UI] Small Improvements by  @flavioislima in  #2041
  • [i18n] Updated Translations by  @weblate in  #2021

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