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Heroic Games Launcher 2.14 has been released. Heroic Games Launcher is an open-source game launcher that uses the Legendary CLI tool to support games from the Epic Games Store, GOG, and Amazon Games.

Heroic Games Launcher v2.14.0


The Heroic Games Launcher version 2.14.0, codenamed "Flame Emperor Sabo", brings a host of updates and improvements that enhance the gaming experience for users across various platforms.

Finally, we added a new Mac Msync setting for macOS. We also updated Electron to the latest v29 which gives a lot of performance improvements and fixes.

We also now can add, edit, or delete categories directly from the dropdown menu, which provides a more intuitive and streamlined way to organize games.

Additionally, a feature long requested that allows users to configure scripts to run before and after game launches.

The update also includes several fixes to GOG and Amazon games, addressing previous issues and enhancing compatibility. Moreover, the UI/UX has seen several other improvements, making navigation and interaction smoother and more user-friendly. These updates collectively contribute to a more seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

There is also a fix for when navigating to the GOG store where users had AdTraction blocked on their network. Just a reminder that, if you want to support Heroic by buying games on GOG from it, you will need to add this exception on your adblocker. :)

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Full Changelog:  v2.13.0...v2.14.0

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