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A third beta of Heroic Games Launcher 1.11.0 has been released.

HeroicGamesLauncher 1.11.0 Beta 3

So, this is planned to be the latest beta before the new Stable release so we will only implement small stuff from now on and fix some bugs.


  • New Login System: No More copy and paste of SID, making it easier to use Heroic from start and in a more transparent way.
  • Integrated Login with the Store: After login on Heroic using the new login system above, you will be logged in automatically on the Store as well. Also, if the legendary credentials expire and you are logged in on the store, Heroic will automatically log in again on legendary.
  • New Support for Mac Native Games: On Mac now Heroic will be able to download Native Games for MacOSX and a new filter was added to filter by platform. OBS: If you already have installed a windows game that has a Native version, just uninstall it and install it again. That should download the Mac version instead.
  • New Setting to Show/Hide Unreal Engine: Now the Unreal Marketplace is hidden by default, making Heroic startup faster and also hiding unnecessary content for non-developers, making it look cleaner.
  • Webview improvements: the Webview for the store and the wiki got new improvements like a loading indicator and a fix on the URL that was breaking the line.
  • Changed the Scrollbar to have a more cleaner look  #691


  • Fix a bug on Debian-based systems that were introduced on the latest Electron 16, making Heroic run slower.  #801
  • Fix a bug where some game pages with selective download weren't opening (Cyberpunk and others)  #800
  • Fixed a bug on some other game pages that were breaking due to a missing key  #790
  • Fix wrong description language on some games for Chinese Simplified  #789
  • Fix Alternative Legendary Binary not being used  #781
  • Fixed other minor bugs and styling issues

Release 1.11.0 Beta 3 · Heroic-Games-Launcher/HeroicGamesLauncher