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The upcoming version 4.2 of Cedega will support Half-Life 2 on Linux. Here the full press release:

Toronto, Canada - November 18, 2004. TransGaming Technologies, the world's leading developer of software portability products, today announced unprecedented Linux support for this year's most highly anticipated video game, Valve Software's Half-Life 2. On the heels of its commercial debut, TransGaming's Cedega product will run Half-Life 2 on the Linux operating system, right out-of-the-box.

Half-Life 2 is the anxiously awaited sequel to Valve's debut title that won more than 50 game-of-the-year awards. Half-Life 2 is poised to repeat or even break historic records for video game sales. This sequel picks up where the original Half-Life left off and delivers even greater suspense and challenge for gamers. The new Valve Source engine technology, specifically designed for Half-Life 2, allows players to enter a new and heightened realm of game responsiveness and realism where they interact like never before with the physical environment and the characters.

"Every so often, a video game is released that propels the electronic entertainment industry significantly further and has a dramatic positive impact on the future of video games. Half-Life 2 is such a game and it has been the most highly awaited game over the last 18 months. TransGaming is thrilled to extend the Half-Life 2 entertainment experience to the Linux community, with Cedega. Our support for Half-Life 2 within a day of its commecial release affirms the strength, sophistication, and cutting edge nature of TransGaming's technology", comments Vikas Gupta, Co-CEO & President of TransGaming.

Linux gamers can experience the new interactive world of Half-Life 2 with TransGaming's release of Cedega 4.2, scheduled for December 7th. Cedega also supports Steam, Valve Software's online distribution technology, along with a number of other Valve titles. Consumers rank the ability to play video games on their desktop as one of the top 3 important reasons for the adoption of Linux. TransGaming is the only company in the world that gives users access to hundreds of the top video games on Linux which, in turn, helps Linux distributions increase their market penetration.

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