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Screenshots of the next version of Android with a redesigned status bar and Chrome interface have appeared online; a notification for the rumored new 'L' feature is also visible as well

From Neowin:
Android 5.0 is generally expected to contain some radical new UI changes. This is confirmed in the screenshots which show a redesigned status bar with the same transparency as the homescreen. Gone is the subtle gradient that makes the status bar background slightly darker than the rest of the UI, seen only since the launch of 4.4 KitKat.

Interestingly, two new notification icons are present. The unidentified 'L' is widely thought to represent a new method of displaying important heads-up notifications in a flat card style familiar to Google Now users. The bell icon in the status area is also rumored to be linked to 'L' and indicates that L notifications are disabled or muted.
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