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The Gnumeric team is proud to announce the release of Gnumeric 1.7.9, a development release. This release requires the concurrently released Goffice 0.3.8, see below.

With this release we (well, Andreas) have switched from gnome-print to GtkPrint and in the process fixed a large number of bugs caused by gnome-print. Undoubtedly we have a new set of bugs caused by GtkPrint, but there is some hope that GtkPrint will be better maintained than gnome-print ever was. Note: gnome-print is still linked in via goffice, but this will change.

In addition, this release uses the GtkRecentManager to handle recently-used documents and should thus interact better with Gnome.

* Andreas
o Switch to gtk print from gnome-print. (Expect some feature
* Jody
o Import and Export for inline arrays in ODF. (now patched in OOo).
o Export cell comments to xls.
* Morten
o Require three digits after a thousands separator in order
to accept it as a number. [Bug 415007].
o Fix autofill issue. [Bug 414815].
o Fix criticals with frozen panes. [Bug 308562].
o Fix rich text problem. [Bug 417632].
o Use GtkRecentManager. Fixes Bug 115112.
o Ignore local files that no longer exist. [Bug 67453].
o Fix XL load crash. [Bug 418868].
o Fix format guessed for $123,456.78 [Bug 423603].
o Perform UTF-8 normalization during search. [Bug 421678].
o Allow selecting a locale for sorting. [Bug 427019].
o Make sure ssindex doesn't update the recent-files list.
o Update recent-files on load and save. [Bug 152584].

Goffice 0.3.8 aka "TBD" is now available.

* Emmanuel
o Fix alignement of rotated axis labels. [Bug 343507] .
* Morten
o Add preconditions to text combo widget's API functions.
o Unicode-normalize regexps patterns.
o Improve character set guesser. [Bug 401588].
o Fix format selector crash. [Bug 431256].