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GNOME-schedule 0.9.0 has been released.

Gnome-schedule is a tool for managing a users crontab or at jobs using a GUI. It was initially made for Fedora Linux and vixie-cron, but it now supports dcron aswell and works on all tested distributions. It is written in Python using pygtk. See the README file for more dependencies.

- Notes -
This release is just to sort out the last bugs before we release 1.0.0 we would very much appreciate bug reports, comments and suggestions. However we don't plan to add new features.

- Key features -
* View and edit cron and at jobs in a GUI
* You can add templates like "Build Kernel" or "Scan for viruses" for
easy reuse of jobs
* Change other users cron and at jobs if you are root
* Icons and titles for jobs
* A human readable text string of cron jobs, to make it easier for
users to understand something like: 5 0 * * *, gnome-schedule translates
it into: At every day at 00:05
* There is also some predefined common expressions like; every day,
every minute, every week, tomorrow, next week. Depending wheter you are
adding a cron job or at job.
* An advanced view to make it more efficient for the experienced user
to manage his crontabs.
* A calendar to choose when an at job should be added.

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- Bugs -
Gnome bugzilla: or

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