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gnome-games 2.19.1

This is a bleeding-edge release of gnome-games, with new features and bugfixes to Aisleriot, Chess and Sudoku.

Download gnome-games 2.19.1 here:

Changes in gnome-games 2.19.1

* General
- Fix inclusion of types.h for GGZ (#381715).
- Use correct locale dir for GGZ (#431300).

* Aisleriot
- Change spider options order (bug #403961).
- Prevent a crash when double clicking in Plait (#416255).
- Correctly recognize a win condition in Thirteen (#418045).
- Fix manual validation (Bug #370394).

* Chess
- Changed AI process management to remove os.forkpty() (Bug #426538)
- Catch exception if unable to display help (Bug #432216).
- Catch IOError exceptions when autosaving (Bug #425614).
- Added timed play.
- Changed nice level for AIs to 19 (they are affecting the animation)
- Add choice of board rotation modes (white side, black side, human
side, current players side)
- Fixed broken OpenGL board rotation
- Added 2D rotation.
- Handle empty filename in save dialog (Bug #419486)
- Change python OpenGL import to make issues with external bindings
more visible (Bug #419605)
- Added menu selectable promotion type
- AI players now wait for piece animation to end before making moves
- Refactored game/scene code
- Made move hints optional. (menu item: view->move hints)
- Added support for Boo's Chess Engine.
- Changed chess engine to using bitboards (33% faster)
- Added detection for stalemate, resignation, threefold repetition,
fifty move rule. (Still insufficient material to be done).
- Tooltip style panel appears when game ends.
- Removed all pop-up error dialogs and integrated the error reporting
into the load/save dialogs.

* Sudoku
- Catch exceptions when launching help (Bug #418193)
- Sort game name columns numerically (Bug #417191)
- Make sure one game is always selected for restoring (Bug #422748)
- Remember window size when quitting (Bug #380780).
- Use string substitution using dictionary lookups when using ngettext
to stop substitution exceptions (Bug #409739).
- Handle corrupted high score entries (Bug #413848).
- Removed dialog separators to be HIG compliant.
- Stop number pop-up from visibly moving when created.
- Stop number pop-up from being in taskbar list (Bug #406767).
- Correctly mark game name as unicode so that it can be split on
character boundaries (Bug #409740).
- Load random module correctly (Bug #411073).
- Fix PyGtk tree selection bug (Bug #416063).
- Fix undo tracker deletion (Bug #417805).
- Handle exceptions loading pickled objects (Bug #408837).