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Canonical Ltd. extended their free Ubuntu Linux CDs offer

The Ubuntu CD Distribution System will NOT close to new orders for Warty CDs as previously announced. Thanks to everyone who emailed to ask us to keep the free CD shipments going for Warty.
The Intel x86 edition comes on two CD:

#1 install-cd
This CD contains the installable version of Ubuntu for Intel x86 computers.

#2 live-cd
This "Live CD" contains a full Ubuntu desktop installation that you can safely try on your Windows-based computer without installing anything on your hard disk. This CD also contains Windows versions for several of the applications included in Ubuntu.

[thumb]ubuntu1.jpg[/thumb] [thumb]ubuntu2.jpg[/thumb]

The AMD64/EM64T and PowerPC edition comes with an install-cd only.

[thumb]ubuntu3.jpg[/thumb] [thumb]ubuntu4.jpg[/thumb]

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