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GE-Proton8-33 has been released, and it includes rebase and fixup ntsync for wine and proton side, as well as PROTON_HEAP_ZERO_MEMORY for helldivers 2. Additionally, it updates vkd3d-proton, dxvk, bleeding edge, and protonfixes, and it removes the star citizen eac patch, which is no longer required. GE-Proton is a fork of the Wine-based Proton compatibility tool for Steam Play.


Revert "patches: add ntsync for wine and proton side"
Revert "patches: rebase/fixup ntsync patch"
patches: rebase/fixup ntsync patch
proton: import upstream PROTON_HEAP_ZERO_MEMORY for helldivers 2
vrclient: import upstream changes
steam_helper: import upstream changes
vkd3d: update vkd3d-proton
dxvk: update dxvk
wine: update bleeding edge
patches: add ntsync for wine and proton side
protonfixes: update protonfixes
patches: remove no longer needed star citizen eac patch

Release GE-Proton8-33 · GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom