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A new release of Garuda Linux is now available. Garuda Linux is an Arch based rolling release distro that focus on performance and ease of use.

Garuda Linux "Spizaetus" (231029)

Hello, Garudians! It is finally time for another release, which is called Garuda-update 

As of now, garuda-update should be able to handle any conflict that recently occurred mostly due to the already mentioned ISO offerings :cd:

A few editions have been dropped from our line-up. The reason behind this is quite simple - they are not getting necessary maintenance or are missing a maintainer. The logical choice is to no longer offer them to the public.

If someone would like to step up, feel free to let us know!  We are open to any contribution, eg. people wanting to provide a customized community edition.

The editions affected by this change are MATELXQt-KwinKDE-git, and Wayfire.

We also have good news concerning our ISO offerings - a brand-new edition emerged! :rocket: It features the  Hyprland Wayland compositor . Being focused on fancy looks and blurry windows, it is certainly a good fit for Garuda. The ones responsible for maintenance are  @SGS and  @Ankur.

Garuda Linux "Spizaetus" (231029)