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Lineox Releases Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.001

23. Feb. 2004

Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.001 is the first revision of Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 in the Always Current series of which a new revision is released every time a bug or security fix program package is released. When a customer downloads three CD-ROM images or one DVD-ROM image of the Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux, every package it contains is current, there is no instant need to update packages, and the system is secure right from the start. The high speed download quota for Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux is sold directly from at 15 Euros and 20 Euros for both disk type versions. Lineox expects to release new revisions of the Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux once or twice every week.

When you install an ordinary, partially outdated Linux distribution, you have to download and install all the cumulated updates to ensure you installation is current and secure. Using Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux, you install only current program packages and save both download and installation time. Lets guess that you save half an hour. Now ask yourself: is that time more valuable than 15 Euros?

Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0, which was released 29. Jan. 2004 is a new Linux distribution built from modified Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 sources. Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 offers customers enterprise level Linux operating system at an attractive price level without bundled support options. Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 DVD-ROM is available directly from and also from resellers. The suggested retail price is 17.90 Euros for DVD-ROM and approximately 20 USD/Euros for separately sold printed Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 Installation Guide.

Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 contains all freely distributable programs found in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 AS/ES/WS, Red Hat Cluster Suite, and Red Hat Developer Suite. As preferred package management system, Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 utilizes apt-get, which resolves package dependencies automatically. Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 users can use apt-get to get security and feature updates from and other Internet sites. Graphical front-end to apt-get, synaptic, is also included.

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About Lineox
Although a young company, Lineox founders have made Finnish localized Linux distributions ranging from the first ever to predecessor of Lineox Enterprise Linux, which reached about 70 to 90% share of Finnish Linux retail market.