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Cary, North Carolina, USA May 2, 2006 - Emu Software Inc., an open source management company, announces that they have achieved Novell Ready status for its open source NetDirector management system. The Novell Ready designation means that the product has been validated and enhanced to work with Novell's Linux family of products. With this announcement, Novell partners and resellers can confidently offer NetDirector's powerful, intuitive, rich web client interface for configuration management that complements Novell's server products. NetDirector lessens the learning curve and improves productivity so that administrators need not be Linux experts to manage Linux servers.

"The combination of Emu Software's NetDirector with Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise will offer a robust management tool to address the needs of the enterprise Linux user," said Chris Cooper, Director of Novell Developer Services. "Effective, user-friendly, open source Linux management tools are key to our Linux server adoption strategy, and NetDirector is just such a tool."

NetDirector is an open source framework for managing configurations of common open source network services hosted on multiple Linux and Unix servers concurrently. The server management console offers GUI-based and fine-grained control of server configuration files with the benefits of simultaneous multi-server changes, change rollback and role-based access control. All changes are stored in the embedded configuration management database (CMDB) and recorded by device, service and administrator. NetDirector manages a variety of common Internet services, including Samba, Apache, BIND, Sendmail, Postfix and VSFTP. Additionally, NetDirector can manage and audits users and groups and provide configuration controls for accessing hosts.

Emu Software CEO, Jim McHugh said, "We are excited to have achieved the recognition as a Novell Ready Partner. Novell has an excellent track record for both technology development and partner relationships. We look forward to working closely with these partners to offer an easy-to-manage alternative to Microsoft server."

About Emu Software

Emu Software, Inc. is the maker of NetDirector, an extensible management framework that brings features such as rollback, policy-based administration, multi-server changes, and an ergonomic interface to open source systems. Emu Software is the corporate sponsor of the open source NetDirector project and offers support and service offerings around the open source tools. Emu Software strives to deliver the leading cross-platform, cross-distribution configuration management solution for open source services such as Apache, Bind, Sendmail, and many others. Emu Software is headquartered in Cary, N.C. For more information, please visit


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