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The release of elementary OS 7 was announced by Danielle Foré.

elementary OS 7 Available Now

It’s been just over a year since we released elementary OS 6.1 Jólnir which brought new features and fixes based on your feedback, introduced new office productivity features, and expanded compatibility with a wide range of hardware. So far, OS 6.1 has been downloaded from our website  over 400,000 times—150,000 times more than 6.0—and as always, that’s not including downloads from third parties or direct downloads via torrent that bypass our download page!

Today we’re proud to announce that OS 7, codenamed Horus, is available to download now and shipping soon on several high-quality computers. With OS 7, we’ve focused in on:

  • Helping you get the apps you need
  • Empowering you with new features and settings
  • Evolving our developer platform

To get elementary OS 7 now, head to for the download—or read on for an overview of what’s new.

elementary OS 7 Available Now