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A scap-security-guide bug fix update has been released for Oracle Linux 7.

ELBA-2023-4824 Oracle Linux 7 scap-security-guide bug fix update

Oracle Linux Bug Fix Advisory ELBA-2023-4824

The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 7 have been uploaded to the Unbreakable Linux Network:



Description of changes:

- Fix url to remote oval definitions [Orabug: 35441381]
- Update jinja conditionals in source, so built contents include all expected
strings/code [Orabug: 35450273]
- Update vendor references to mention Oracle and Oracle Linux [Orabug: 35450273]
- Update rhel7 project profiles to use oracle gpgkey [Orabug: 33612582]
- Update rhel7 profiles to generate Oracle Linux 7 content [Orabug: 33612582]
- Update source to generate Oracle Linux 7 content [Orabug: 33612582]
- Add ntpd and chronyd OL approved servers support [Orabug: 33612582]
- Add UEFI boot loader rules to Oracle Linux 7 profiles [Orabug: 33612582]
- Fix OL7 mapping in stable_profile_ids test [Orabug: 33612582]
- Update OL7 Essential Eight profile [Orabug: 33612582]
- Disable cis profile [Orabug: 33612582]
- Disable new CIS and stig_gui profiles for RHEL7 product [Orabug: 34195638]
- Update OL7 STIG to V2R12 [Orabug: 35663532]
- Update OL8 STIG to V1R7 [Orabug: 35765451]

- Rebase to the latest upstream release (RHBZ#2221694)
- Make IPv6 related rules applicable only in case IPv6 is actually enabled. (RHBZ#2210276)
- update ANSSI BP-028 profiles to be aligned with version 2.0 (RHBZ#2155793)
- Correct URL used to download CVE checks. (RHBZ#2223817)