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A gpac security update has been released for Debian GNU/Linux 11 to address multiple issues.

DSA 5411-1: gpac security update

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Debian Security Advisory DSA-5411-1 Aron Xu
May 26, 2023
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Package : gpac
CVE ID : CVE-2020-35980 CVE-2021-4043 CVE-2021-21852 CVE-2021-33361
CVE-2021-33363 CVE-2021-33364 CVE-2021-33365 CVE-2021-33366
CVE-2021-36412 CVE-2021-36414 CVE-2021-36417 CVE-2021-40559
CVE-2021-40562 CVE-2021-40563 CVE-2021-40564 CVE-2021-40565
CVE-2021-40566 CVE-2021-40567 CVE-2021-40568 CVE-2021-40569
CVE-2021-40570 CVE-2021-40571 CVE-2021-40572 CVE-2021-40574
CVE-2021-40575 CVE-2021-40576 CVE-2021-40592 CVE-2021-40606
CVE-2021-40608 CVE-2021-40609 CVE-2021-40944 CVE-2021-41456
CVE-2021-41457 CVE-2021-41459 CVE-2021-45262 CVE-2021-45263
CVE-2021-45267 CVE-2021-45291 CVE-2021-45292 CVE-2021-45297
CVE-2021-45760 CVE-2021-45762 CVE-2021-45763 CVE-2021-45764
CVE-2021-45767 CVE-2021-45831 CVE-2021-46038 CVE-2021-46039
CVE-2021-46040 CVE-2021-46041 CVE-2021-46042 CVE-2021-46043
CVE-2021-46044 CVE-2021-46045 CVE-2021-46046 CVE-2021-46047
CVE-2021-46049 CVE-2021-46051 CVE-2022-1035 CVE-2022-1222
CVE-2022-1441 CVE-2022-1795 CVE-2022-2454 CVE-2022-3222
CVE-2022-3957 CVE-2022-4202 CVE-2022-24574 CVE-2022-24577
CVE-2022-24578 CVE-2022-26967 CVE-2022-27145 CVE-2022-27147
CVE-2022-29537 CVE-2022-36190 CVE-2022-36191 CVE-2022-38530
CVE-2022-43255 CVE-2022-45202 CVE-2022-45283 CVE-2022-45343
CVE-2022-47086 CVE-2022-47091 CVE-2022-47094 CVE-2022-47095
CVE-2022-47657 CVE-2022-47659 CVE-2022-47660 CVE-2022-47661
CVE-2022-47662 CVE-2022-47663 CVE-2023-0770 CVE-2023-0818
CVE-2023-0819 CVE-2023-0866 CVE-2023-1448 CVE-2023-1449
CVE-2023-1452 CVE-2023-1654 CVE-2023-2837 CVE-2023-2838
CVE-2023-2839 CVE-2023-2840 CVE-2023-23143 CVE-2023-23144

Multiple issues were found in GPAC multimedia framework, whcih could result
in denial of service or potentially the execution of arbitrary code.

For the stable distribution (bullseye), these problems have been fixed in
version 1.0.1+dfsg1-4+deb11u2.

We recommend that you upgrade your gpac packages.

For the detailed security status of gpac please refer to
its security tracker page at:

Further information about Debian Security Advisories, how to apply
these updates to your system and frequently asked questions can be
found at: