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The second beta version of Deepin OS 23 is now available for testing.

deepin V23 Beta2 is officially released! Welcome to experience it!

deepin is a Linux-based open source desktop operating system, just today, deepin V23 Beta2 officially released! Welcome to experience it!

deepin V23 Beta2 version of the previous version of the existing problems were fixed, fixing the problems of 450 +, and further optimize the functional experience, including the new kernel power endurance increased by 30%, the use of white-box solution to optimize the secret key ring pop-up window, optimized version of the depth of the home officially integrated release mirror, etc., so as to make deepin become a more modern and efficient operating system, and better able to meet the needs and expectations of users. This makes deepin a more modern and efficient operating system that better meets the needs and expectations of users and creates "the deepin you want"!

Thank you to all the deepiners who provided ideas and comments! Let's work together to create a beautiful and easy-to-use operating system!

This version is not the final stable version, this version of the problems you feedback, we will continue to fix in subsequent versions, please wait patiently.

【New Features and Improvements】


Control Center - Network: Provides default file name when exporting VPN configuration.

Redefined default avatar for new installations.

Integrated deepin ID module into Control Center.

Adjusted "Account" to "User" in the part of managing system users in Control Center.

Optimized the style of mouse scroll speed display.

Supports password plain text display during login and unlock.

Optimized system scrollbar display logic, improving user perception of scrollable windows.

Added graphical platform information display in System Information - About this Computer.

Resolved the issue of keyring unlock dialog popping up when logging in to the desktop environment without a password.

Added support for Linglong application updates, with new Linglong application update settings in Control Center - Updates module.

Decoupled taskbar time and date font size from Control Center font settings, using adaptive size display.

Optimized the description of modular homepage in Control Center.

Optimized and improved computer battery life under power mode.

Note: AMD_pstate requires kernel version >= 6.4 to be used.

【Window Management】

Adjusted the title bar height of third-party windows, default modified height is 24px (excluding some DTK and GTK title bar applications).

Supports black and white theme switching for third-party title bars.

Supports high-resolution scaling for third-party title bars.


Added relevant prompts for lvm partition when re-entering advanced installation after successful installation with lvm partition.

Changed "Account" to "User" in installer system creation.

【Deepin Store】

Added new Bug feedback module.

Added new Feature request feedback module.

Supports tracking feedback progress for issue tickets.


Added ICS file import and export functions in Calendar app, supporting manual synchronization of schedule information.


Added bold underline setting option in terminal cursor style settings.

Closed window animation, terminal application displays window title name when multiple windows are open.

Optimized grouping logic for terminal remote management.

Added option to include special characters when double-clicking to select an area.

Added Shift+Ctrl+mouse wheel shortcut to adjust terminal transparency.


Changed default shortcut to open clipboard from Ctrl+Alt+V to Super+V.

Optimized clipboard space occupation, reduced space usage when text content is minimal.


Supports .ogg audio file playback.


Upgraded Qt to version 6.4.

Updated kernel to version 6.1.32.

Updated Samba to version 4.16.11.

Added support for V23 version of debootstrap.

Updated DTK version.

Added support for Lexmark printers.

Removed preinstalled backup and restore application.



Supports using tools like flameshot for screenshots in Wayland mode.

deepin V23 Beta2 is officially released! Welcome to experience it! – Deepin Technology Community