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CM says nothing will change other than "our capabilities, our speed, and our size."    

From ArsTechnica:
Cyanogenmod is the most popular custom Android ROM. Unlike stock Android, which is only available on Nexus devices, Cyanogenmod brings a near-stock experience to users of almost every Android device. Users willing to hack their devices (often with manufacturer-unapproved security exploits) can remove their default version of Android and install Cyanogenmod. Many make the switch to either remove bloatware and manufacturer customizations or for the plethora of custom-developed Cyanogenmod features.

The new company will allow the core Cyanogenmod team to all quit their day jobs and work on the community rom full-time. A post on the Cyanogenmod blog announced that "What will change is our capabilities, our speed, and our size," stating that they want to continue supporting the community and continue being open source.
  Cyanogenmod goes pro with Cyanogen Inc. and $7 million in funding