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CSF 5.57 has been released


- Added new option PT_APACHESTATUS to configure the URL to the Apache Status URL during PT_LOAD alert report

- Added Apache Statistics to ST_SYSTEM. A new option ST_APACHE must be set to collect these statistics and PT_APACHESTATUS must be correctly set. ST_APACHE is disabled by default

- Modification to SYSLOG option to remove the later introduced "nofatal" option to improve backwards compatibility, also enable the "pid" option to log the process ID

- Added new options SYSLOG_CHECK and SYSLOG_LOG to check whether syslog is running. See csf.conf for more information. This option is disabled by default, but we recommend that it is enabled on all servers

- Added SYSLOG_CHECK to Server Check Report recommended settings
  CSF 5.57 released