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A press release from Cluster Resources:

Cluster Resources announced today a new partnership with, an online site that provides news, technical information and a free multi-vendor cluster quoting service.

“Faster, more reliable quotes – that's what this partnership means to organizations looking to invest in a cluster,” said Ken Farmer, owner of “Our ability to address the individual needs of each organization has increased significantly with Cluster Resources on board.” simplifies the cluster quoting process by providing one central location where organizations can gather research and request quotes from multiple cluster hardware vendors. Cluster Resources will assist in the service by acting as an advocate during the quoting process. After an organization submits information about its cluster needs (i.e., number of processors, amount of memory, network type, etc.), Cluster Resources will contact the organization to verify the request and then submit it to multiple vendors. Organizations can select vendors by name, by specialty or by geography, and Cluster Resources will ensure the request is sent to as many or as few vendors as desired.

“I went to some of the cluster vendors' Web sites and on most of them I couldn't get a straight quote,” said James Clemens of the University of Arkansas. “Submitting my request through saved me time because I didn't have to submit a quote to 30 different vendors. Instead, I was able to submit one request to multiple vendors on one Web site.”

In order to provide additional value to the site, Cluster Resources plans to create a cluster building worksheet. This resource will organize information about the various hardware, software, network and other options for selecting and building a cluster. The purpose is to help organizations do their “due diligence” research quicker and expose a broader set of options for consideration. The cluster building worksheet will provide baseline overviews and links to in-depth resources and comparisons where available.

“With this partnership, we will work to provide a centralized source of information and to act as an advocate for organizations as they seek to make good clustering decisions,” said Michael Jackson, President of Cluster Resources, Inc.

Cluster Resources provides custom workload solutions to thousands of sites that cover a broad spectrum of cluster environments. Cluster Resources will leverage this experience in providing this free service. The cluster quoting service is valuable not only for organizations that are uncertain about the cluster building process, but also for experienced sites that simply want to accelerate the process.

The quoting service can be found at

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