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A press release from Cladonia Limited:

Galway, Ireland, June 3, 2004 – Cladonia Limited today announced the immediate availability of Version 2.0 of its Exchanger XML Editor. Among the major enhancements are support for XML Signature specification, a standalone XSLT Debugger, WSDL Analyzer, WebDAV and FTP functionality and overall improved performance. The Exchanger XML Editor V2.0 is available for immediate download from

Exchanger XML Editor Overview
As well as new features such as XML Signature, XSLT Debugging and WSDL, Exchanger XML Editor also provides support for a broad range of XML-related standards including XML Schema, RelaxNG, XPath, XQuery, XSLT 2.0, SVG, etc. This functionality, coupled with its usablity, cross-platform support and low cost, makes the Exchanger XML Editor ideal for use in both Commercial and Academic environments.

New in Exchanger XML Editor V2.0
The XML Signature specification is now supported, allowing users to sign document content and also to verify that a signature is correct. Enveloped signatures, potentially using ID attributes and/or Canonicalization and XPath transforms, are supported as are detached signatures that allow for the signing of large or non-XML documents. There is also comprehensive support for standalone canonicalization, both inclusive and exclusive, with and without comments, with the user also being allowed to set an XPath for specifying the portion of a document to use when generating the Canonical XML form.

This release contains a comprehensive XSLT debugger with support for Saxon and Xalan. The Exchanger XSLT debugger can be run in standalone mode as well as integrated with the editor, thereby facilitating the debugging of much larger input documents which do not have to be opened in the editor. Transformation scenarios can be used to maintain setup state across editing and debugging sessions and the debugger can also be used in an ad-hoc manner, with the settings (such as input file, stylesheet, processor, parameters and breakpoints) entered on the fly. As well as the usual features like step into, step over, step out of and run to breakpoint, the debugger has support for multiple call stacks and multiple traces that are linked back to the input for improved feedback and also supports dynamically updated local and global variables and parameters. A unique feature for Saxon users allows content of multiple output files (created using the tag) to be redirected to the screen for enhanced debugging functionality.

A WSDL Analyzer has been added that will process a web service description and automatically generate an appropriate SOAP message for invoking the service. SOAP functionality has been extended with SOAP with Attachments (SAAJ), whereby the user can add or remove attachments to a SOAP message and view the resultant MIME message that is generated.

Documents loaded in the Editor will not be modified in any way - this criteria is essential for supporting canonicalization and signatures.

Namespace Prefix Mappings are supported in XPath.

WebDAV and FTP can now be used for opening and saving remote files.

New menu items have been included to add/modify an XML declaration (including the encoding), Document Type Declaration or Schema location and also to resolve XIncludes.

Version 2.0 has significantly improved performance and reduced memory consumption when loading large documents.

Pricing and Availability

Exchanger XML Editor V2.0 and Exchanger XSLT Debugger are all available immediately.
For further information on the products visit
A 30 day free trial may be downloaded from

Exchanger XML Editor V2.0 is available in two editions:
A single-user, multi-platform Academic/Non-profit license costs USD 45.00 (EURO 39, GBP 29)
A single-user, multi-platform Commercial license costs USD 98.00 (EURO 85, GBP 60)

To purchase please visit the Cladonia Online store at . Volume discounts may apply.

About Cladonia Limited

Cladonia is a software company based in Galway, Ireland that specialises in developing XML-based products and solutions. Cladonia also provides consultancy and custom development services to a number of national and international companies and is active in the open source community. Visit Cladonia on the web at