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Dedoimedo posted an enthusiastic review of CentOS 6.2 with Gnome desktop running on a T61 laptop with a 64-bit processor and SSD local storage

CentOS is mostly a server distribution. Yes, it can run on your desktop, as I've shown you before, it can be made super cool and modern, but it is not really designed with a personal computer in mind. Therefore, it is always a pleasure when you can take an enterprise product and adapt it to your home environment. Successfully.

Anyhow, I did promise to test and retest a whole bunch of distros on my new test machine, a T61 laptop with two SSD, which completely changes the game when it comes to using old and new hardware combined. I've done my share of Ubuntu family runs, all with good results. Let's see how and if CentOS 6.2 behaved on the same hardware. Numerous links to articles on a variety of subjects mentioned just now are listed further below.
  CentOS 6.2 on my SSD-ed test box