Android 118 Published by takes a look at the Archos 101 XS Android Tablet

As tablets have become more and more popular a significant number of users have looked to use them as more than just content consumption devices. Certainly the majority of people like to surf, listen, read, watch or play on their device but many now look to use them to work on email and even use office files on their tablet. For the most part the ability to be productive has been limited with two real exceptions, the Transformer Pad range with its keyboard dock and more recently the Galaxy Note 10.1.

The Note and Transformer Pad clearly have their own group of consumers as far as productivity is concerned with keyboards and stylus offering two very different ways to interact with the device and so either could be a target for a company looking to better the design, price or performance. With their new tablet Archos aim to take a chunk of the productivity tablet market with a device aimed very much at those interested in the Transformer Pad... so with several generations of tablet development behind them and a lower RRP than ASUS, can they succeed?
  Archos 101 XS Android Tablet Review