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A new version of AppMan has been released. AppMan is a bash script capable of installing, updating, and uninstalling thousands of AppImage packages.

AppMan 5.6.2

New option "newrepo", add your custom repository.


am newrepo [URL]	# Set a new repository
am newrepo off		# Disable the custom repository
am newrepo on		# Enable the custom repository


am newrepo
  • a message to remind you that the custom repository is active will be constant in every operation you do with "AM"/AppMan;

NOTE: This option is recommended for testing purposes only! Careless use of this option could cause irreparable damage to the system!

If you are unsure, don't use this option!

Rely only on the official repository of "AM" for daily use!

See  #108

Release AppMan 5.6.2 · ivan-hc/AppMan