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A new version of AppMan has been released. AppMan is a bash script capable of installing, updating, and uninstalling thousands of AppImage packages.

AppMan 5.6

New "test" option, perhaps the one you were waiting for the most!

After creating your scripts with the -t or template option, have you ever wondered what it would be like to install the script using "AM" or AppMan?

Here is the test option, it is an extract of the -i or install option which instead of pointing to this repository, allows you to choose the path to a local file, even just by dragging the script into the terminal.

Patches are selected and applied depending on whether you use "AM" or "AppMan", just like a normal installation would.


am test /path/to/your-script

or just drag and drop the the script in the terminal

To remove the app, use the option
 -R, as always.

NOTE, I would like to point out that this option, being designed for testing purposes:

  • works with one script at a time;
  • the output does not use less -E, so you will see all unpatched messages, as you would with the dev option (previous release, 5.5);
  • it is meant to work only with AM scripts that you can get using the -t option, be careful not to use different scripts, I have not made any security measures in this regard (yet).

You can consult the code of this commit for more information:

Or stay up to date by following the "AM"/AppMan update history:

I hope this option can be a turning point in making you participate in the development of "AM"/Appman and the growth of the database, which today has reached 1855 installation scripts for the x86_64 architecture.

Release AppMan 5.6 · ivan-hc/AppMan