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A new version of AppMan has been released. AppMan is a bash script capable of installing, updating, and uninstalling thousands of AppImage packages.

"AppMan" 5

"AM" and "AppMan" have merged! By now their code is the same, identical and precise. This means you can use AM without installing it, and it will work like AppMan.

The point of keeping both?

"AM" is meant to work at the system level, so if you don't do the regular installation of "AM" that follows the "Linux Standard Base" (i.e. the app in /opt/am and its symlink as /usr/ local/bin/am) you will not be able to install and manage system-wide apps.

In case you want to install applications both system-wide and locally via "AM", use the --user option and follow the instructions. AppMan will still be kept active to satisfy the work of this function.

If you intend to use AM as AppMan, rename the main script "APP-MANAGER" to "appman", otherwise you will not be able to use some dedicated functionalities (for example, you will not be able to take advantage of bash-completion).

This merge work will make it easier to build AM/AppMan-based graphical clients and code's restyling to broaden compatibility with other projects.

Release "AppMan" 5 · ivan-hc/AppMan