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Paragon Software has released APFS for Linux—the first driver that allows OEM solutions and embedded systems to access Apple File System volumes from Linux.

This technology is already available for licensing to manufacturers of information appliances (e.g., set-top units, smart TVs, PVRs), infotainment and surveillance systems, medical equipment, network appliances (such as routers, switches, WAPs), and other devices.

Key features:

· Use shell scripts to build, install, and uninstall the driver,
· List and read APFS volumes formatted with macOS,
· Read files up to 100GB in size,
· Read resident and fragmented files,
· Read file metadata and access rights.

Key benefits:

. Easily evaluate how it fits into your technical and business needs,
· Integrate APFS for Linux with other file system drivers by Paragon Software,
· Contact Paragon engineering team to help with technical questions;
· Contact Paragon business team to help with solution design, integration, and maintenance.


To download the technology preview version APFS for Linux, please visit