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A new version of the Apache NetBeans IDE is now available.

Netbeans Release 19

What's Changed


  • Configure regular "run" / JavaExec-style tasks for single-class execution. Retain runSingle for compatibility. by  @sdedic in  #6003
  • Gradle Tooling API 8.3-rc-1 by  @lkishalmi in  #6254
  • Keep using Groovy DSL for Gradle by  @lkishalmi in  #6307
  • Configure latest released wrapper in new Gradle project by  @neilcsmith-net in  #6333


  • upgrade to maven-indexer 7.0.1 and improve index downloads by  @mbien in  #4999
  • Improving enable-preview Java fix by  @jlahoda in  #5802
  • upgrade to apache lucene 9.6.0 and maven-indexer 7.0.2 + more by  @mbien in  #5931
  • upgrade bundled maven to 3.9.2. by  @mbien in  #5936
  • use SMO service for class name and SHA1 queries. by  @mbien in  #5984
  • maven remote index filters by  @mbien in  #5922
  • #5978: Maven/priming optimization by  @sdedic in  #5998
  • Integrate upstream incremental index update optimizations and other improvements by  @mbien in  #6089
  • Defensive guards against invalid code points in preferences. by  @mbien in  #6094
  • Upgrade bundled maven to 3.9.3. by  @mbien in  #6117
  • Fix wrong javac tree access for module information in modular maven project by  @matthiasblaesing in  #6154
  • Fix unstable unittest org.netbeans.modules.maven.ModuleInfoSupportTest by  @matthiasblaesing in  #6168
  • Fix NumberFormatException in maven dependency update hint. by  @mbien in  #6184
  • Update Jakarta EE 10 archetype for a new project by  @OndroMih in  #6201
  • Fix cycle in problem reporter with unreachable artifacts. by  @sdedic in  #6197
  • Revert "Use resolve() method that actually throws exception." by  @mbien in  #6228
  • Enable 'Rerun failed tests' button for JUnit5 by  @Atrament666 in  #6217


  • #4447 - Fix missing code folding blocks in java editor for conditions, loops and try/catch by  @Chris2011 in  #4448
  • VSCode: Various code completion enhancements. by  @dbalek in  #5963
  • VSCode: Completion for annonymous inner classes improved. by  @dbalek in  #5981
  • Enable Micronaut HyperlinkProviders - deadlocks fixed. by  @dbalek in  #5991
  • Make sure the test roots are associated with the correct project(s) before attempting to run tests. by  @jlahoda in  #5722
  • Adding a way to directly specify JTreg when no is known by  @jlahoda in  #5721
  • JPDA Evaluator: Value, Description and Children should not be fetched on the EDT by  @matthiasblaesing in  #5877
  • Adding an option to disable unused hint for package private elements, ignoring elements that possibly are looked up using MethodHandles.Lookup. by  @jlahoda in  #5173
  • Attempting to avoid a crash when running a project/file when there's no DB connection. by  @lahodaj in  #6085
  • Enable modules to depend on CPU architecture, Update OpenJFX and support Aarch64 for Linux and mac OS by  @matthiasblaesing in  #6028
  • Reverting "Prefixing all code names of commands with 'nbls'.", as more time will be needed to discuss, validate the patch and adjust to it. by  @lahodaj in  #6114
  • Update collection return encapsulation hint. by  @mbien in  #6090
  • Provide Lambda expression option in Listener generation style by  @kamilkrzywanski in  #6150
  • VisualDevelopmentUtil should close streams by  @Alfusainey in  #6172
  • [NETBEANS-5719] Add option to disable tooltips for parameter completion. by  @notzed in  #5897
  • Repair openjdk.project tests and add them to CI by  @mbien in  #6194
  • Adding ability to run a single sub-test for tests under jtreg. by  @jlahoda in  #6067
  • Make NP Dereference hint aware of Objects.requireNonNull(). by  @mbien in  #6195
  • Support for transformation from jakartaee8 to jakartaee10 applications by  @breakponchito in  #5847
  • Fix for BigStringCustomEditor not being able to save Strings backed by byte arrays by  @SirIntellegence in  #6157
  • Add javadoc support for the 2nd jdk early release by  @pepness in  #6078
  • Investigate ComputeImportsTest test failures by  @mbien in  #6235
  • Fix Javadoc formatting error when using add/remove param hint. by  @neilcsmith-net in  #6282
  • Clarify Java Platform Manager UI. by  @mbien in  #6325



  • Improve WildFly support for jakarta ee and java ee javadocs by  @pepness in  #5871
  • Add support for GlassFish 7.0.4 by  @pepness in  #5925
  • Adding support for port offset when running WildFly by  @ehsavoie in  #5597
  • NETBEANS-4035: CDI Bean as Named is not listed in xhtml for selection by  @juneau001 in  #5866
  • Add support for GlassFish 7.0.5 by  @pepness in  #6002
  • Fix specification version going backwards in web.beans and jakarta.web.beans by  @matthiasblaesing in  #6001
  • Refactoring: Simplify Profile by  @asbachb in  #5970
  • Tomcat 11 increased min supported Java version to 21 by  @pepness in  #6064
  • [NETBEANS-4927] Maven EAR project fails to deploy on an app server by  @OndroMih in  #4929
  • Fix some compiler warnings and did some cleanups for module j2ee.core by  @asbachb in  #6118
  • Dbalek/micronaut class generator fixes by  @dbalek in  #6107
  • Ability to navigate around Micronaut project by URI and beans. by  @dbalek in  #6123
  • Filtering symbols by query prefix. by  @dbalek in  #6136
  • Bugfix: Added ability to find jakarta related jars for wildfly server instances by  @asbachb in  #6140
  • Add support for Wildfly 28 by  @asbachb in  #6138
  • Added support for JSF 4.0 namespaces by  @asbachb in  #6160
  • Jakarta EE Entitiy and EJB support by  @asbachb in  #6129
  • Add support for GlassFish 7.0.6 by  @pepness in  #6221
  • Bugfix: Bring back singleton option when creating a new Session Bean and interfaceless EJBs by  @matthiasblaesing in  #6257



UI Changes

  • Enable sub-pixel anti-aliasing in splash screen progress text by  @eirikbakke in  #6016
  • Switch FlatLaf JTabbedPane tab type to card. by  @neilcsmith-net in  #6070
  • FlatLaf: fix location of drag-and-drop insert indicator lines by  @DevCharly in  #6142
  • improve/fix painting of drag-and-drop insert indicator lines on HiDPI screens by  @DevCharly in  #6144
  • Update rounding in terminal font metrics to address GH5980. by  @neilcsmith-net in  #6163
  • Fix tab closing when trying to select partly clipped tab. by  @neilcsmith-net in  #6164


Language Server Protocol

  • VSCode: Prevent unnecessary Java parsing when Java support if off. by  @dbalek in  #5887
  • Modified to ensure opened file focused. by  @dbalek in  #5930
  • Service Console has been deprecated by  @thurka in  #5708
  • VSCode keyword fix by  @tbw777 in  #5599
  • VSCode: Stacktraces in test exceptions should be clickable. by  @dbalek in  #5938
  • Copy fake icons before JAR is created by  @sdedic in  #6007
  • upgrade vsce to @vscode/vsce version 2.19 by  @thurka in  #6009
  • Ignore setTrace requests by  @sdedic in  #5894
  • Let the user choose main class, when none is open by  @jlahoda in  #5536
  • Adding DB configuration provider for NBLS by  @jhorvath in  #6058
  • Allow to re-enter username and password by  @thurka in  #6057
  • Apache LS does not add DB connection by  @thurka in  #6080
  • Prefixing all code names of commands with 'nbls'. by  @lahodaj in  #6015
  • shell env. variable cannot contain dot by  @thurka in  #6102
  • Adding ability to edit database connection properties in VSCode extension by  @jhorvath in  #6079
  • Add Oracle Autonomous DB - Select Compartment by  @thurka in  #6103
  • Adding org.eclipse.lsp4j.debug and org.eclipse.lsp4j.jsonrpc.debug dependencies to LSP Client by  @albilu in  #5971
  • LSP: NPE from InputBoxStep fixed by  @thurka in  #6132
  • Allow to specify additional NBLS document selectors from other extensions. by  @dbalek in  #6174
  • LSP: Block call for workspace symbols until projects get opened by  @dbalek in  #6183
  • Allow for a lazy computation of CodeAction edits. by  @dbalek in  #6208
  • Set DB environment for java+ as well as for java by  @jhorvath in  #6248
  • #6278: discard newlines, collapse and trim whitespaces. by  @sdedic in  #6280

VSCode Extension

  • VSCode: Allow for adding extra modules when building extension vsix package by  @dbalek in  #5865
  • Try to enable Java when no other Java support extension is currently installed by  @dbalek in  #5889
  • lower the OS level memory consumption of NB LSP by  @thurka in  #5909
  • OCI library upgrade by  @thurka in  #5869
  • Breakpoints in Scala sources in VSCode by  @jtulach in  #5910
  • Avoid needless dependency on LineDocument by  @jtulach in  #6088
  • Adding progress to Entity Classes from Database by  @jhorvath in  #6198


Other Changes

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