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With UI improvements and bug fixes for Gradle, Java, and PHP, the second release candidate for the Apache Netbeans 17 IDE has been made available for testing.

Apache NetBeans 17-rc2

What's Changed


  • UI: fixed conditional gradle version info label. by  @mbien in  #5343


  • Improving indexing for erroneous sources. by  @jlahoda in  #5172
  • added missing record enums to editor module. by  @mbien in  #5339
  • PreconditionsChecker: fixed NPE when path is null. by  @mbien in  #5346


UI Changes

  • Update FlatLaf from 2.6 to 3.0 and add macOS light and dark themes by  @DevCharly in  #5298

Full Changelog 17-rc1...17-rc2

Release Apache NetBeans 17-rc2 · apache/netbeans