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The release candidate of Apache 2.4.59 is now available and includes fixes for error handling, better logging, and adding CGIScriptTimeout to mod_cgi. Mod_ssl now uses OpenSSL-standard functions to assemble CA name lists for SSLCACertificatePath/SSLCADNRequestPath. In addition, Mod_xml2enc updates check to accept any text/media type or any XML media type in accordance with RFC 7303. This helps to prevent the corruption of Microsoft OOXML configurations. Mod_http2 has been upgraded to version 2.0.26, which fixes the 'Date' header that is present on requests that have been upgraded from HTTP/1.1.

apache/httpd 2.4.59-rc1-candidate

Changes with Apache 2.4.59

*) mod_deflate: Fixes and better logging for handling various error and edge cases. [Eric Covener, Yann Ylavic, Joe Orton, Eric Norris <enorris>]

*) Add CGIScriptTimeout to mod_cgi. [Eric Covener]

*) mod_xml2enc: Tolerate libxml2 2.12.0 and later. PR 68610 [ttachi <tachihara AT>]

*) mod_slotmem_shm: Use ap_os_is_path_absolute() to make it portable. [Jean-Frederic Clere]

*) mod_ssl: Use OpenSSL-standard functions to assemble CA name lists for SSLCACertificatePath/SSLCADNRequestPath. Names will now be consistently sorted. PR 61574. [Joe Orton]

*) mod_xml2enc: Update check to accept any text/ media type or any XML media type per RFC 7303, avoiding corruption of Microsoft OOXML formats. PR 64339. [Joseph Heenan <joseph.heenan>, Joe Orton]

*) mod_http2: v2.0.26 with the following fixes:
- Fixed `Date` header on requests upgraded from HTTP/1.1 (h2c). Fixes 
- Fixed small memory leak in h2 header bucket free. Thanks to Michael Kaufmann for finding this and providing the fix.

*) htcacheclean: In -a/-A mode, list all files per subdirectory
rather than only one. PR 65091. [Artem Egorenkov <aegorenkov.91>]

*) mod_ssl: SSLProxyMachineCertificateFile/Path may reference files which include CA certificates; those CA certs are treated as if configured with SSLProxyMachineCertificateChainFile. [Joe Orton]

*) htpasswd, htdbm, dbmmanage: Update help&docs to refer to "hashing", rather than "encrypting" passwords. [Michele Preziuso <mpreziuso>]

*) mod_ssl: Fix build with LibreSSL 2.0.7+. PR 64047. [Giovanni Bechis, Yann Ylavic]

*) htpasswd: Add support for passwords using SHA-2. [Joe Orton, Yann Ylavic]

*) core: Allow mod_env to override system environment vars. [Joe Orton]

*) Allow mod_dav_fs to tolerate race conditions between PROPFIND and an operation which removes a directory/file between apr_dir_read() and apr_stat(). Current behaviour is to abort the connection which seems inferior to tolerating (and logging) the error. [Joe Orton]

*) mod_ldap: HTML-escape data in the ldap-status handler. [Eric Covener, Chamal De Silva]

*) mod_ssl: Disable the OpenSSL ENGINE API when OPENSSL_NO_ENGINE is set. Allow for "SSLCryptoDevice builtin" if the ENGINE API is not available, notably with OpenSSL >= 3. PR 68080. [Yann Ylavic, Joe Orton]

*) mod_ssl: Improve compatibility with OpenSSL 3, fix build warnings about deprecated ENGINE_ API, honor OPENSSL_API_COMPAT setting while defaulting to compatibitily with version 1.1.1 (including ENGINEs / SSLCryptoDevice). [Yann Ylavic]

*) mod_ssl: release memory to the OS when needed. [Giovanni Bechis]

*) mod_proxy: Ignore (and warn about) enablereuse=on for ProxyPassMatch when some dollar substitution (backreference) happens in the hostname or port part of the URL. [Yann Ylavic]

*) mod_proxy: Allow to set a TTL for how long DNS resolutions to backend systems are cached. [Yann Ylavic]

*) mod_proxy: Add optional third argument for ProxyRemote, which configures Basic authentication credentials to pass to the remote proxy. PR 37355. [Joe Orton]

Release 2.4.59-rc1-candidate · apache/httpd