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OStatic takes a look at the MEPIS based antiX M11

The announcement said that this release features "fully customised icewm-Rox desktop, SimplyMEPIS 2.6.36-4 kernel, Iceape 2.0.13-1, Abiword 2.8.6, gnumeric 1.10.14, and pidgin 2.7.11." One of the best features of antiX is that it includes the MEPIS configuration tools. When last I visited antiX, I could run antiX on my older laptop comfortably or my modern desktop with dual displays. So, I had high hopes while downloading and burning the new release.

And I was not disappointed. AntiX M11 retains all the attributes which I found so appealing last I tested. It's a fast, pretty, useful system with lots of light-weight and handy applications.
  antiX M11 is Still Quite Impressive