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AMD has released an updated version of its AMDVLK Linux Open Source Driver for Vulkan, which also includes improvements and new features. The Khronos Vulkan Headers have been updated to version 1.3.273, and features such as VK_KHR_calibrated_timestamps, VK_EXT_image_compression_control, improved RayTracing pipeline compile time, Linux gang-submit, and support for D24_UNORM_S8_UINT and X8_D24_UNORM_PACK32 have been updated as well.

AMDVLK v-2024.Q1.1

2024-01-26 update

New feature and improvement
* Update Khronos Vulkan Headers to 1.3.273
* VK_KHR_calibrated_timestamps implementation
* VK_KHR_vertex_attribute_divisor implementation
* Implement VK_EXT_image_compression_control
* Improve the RayTracing pipeline compile time
* Enable gang-submit on Linux
* Expose KHR_SHADER_QUAD_CONTROL support in lgc
* Add support for D24_UNORM_S8_UINT and X8_D24_UNORM_PACK32

Issue fix
* Fix dEQP-VK.pipeline.fast_linked_library.image.suballocation.sampling_type.*.view_*.format.* test failures
* Fix Saints Row crash when changing settings
* Fix the corruption observed in DXVK MetalGearSolid V
* Fix the corruption on ELEX2 rocks
* Fix the line corruption observed in TheEvilWithin2
* Fix vkQueueSubmit/vkQueueSubmit2 returns VK_TIMEOUT when non-primary GPU is asked to wait on non-signaled timeline semaphore
* Fix AMDGPU(Linux) platform Device enumeration failure if GFX9 device present
* Fix few Vulkan applications' hang and crash with Kernel:6.6.rc1
* Fix Xorg crash while running dEQP-VK.mesh_shader* on upstream stack

Release v-2024.Q1.1 · GPUOpen-Drivers/AMDVLK