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AMD has updated its AMDVLK Linux Open Source Driver for Vulkan.

AMDVLK v-2023.Q1.1

Driver installation instruction

2023-1-31 update

New feature and improvement

  • Update Khronos Vulkan Headers to 1.3.238
  • Add REMBRANDT, Raphael and Mendocino support
  • Support extensions VK_KHR_fragment_shader_barycentric, VK_EXT_depth_clamp_zero_one, VK_EXT_attachment_feedback_loop_layout
  • Performance tuning for games like RB6: Siege
  • Enable multiview on geometry shader
  • Enable uber fetch shader

Issue fix

  • [AMDVLK issue  #164] Incorrect assertion for VkRenderPassAttachmentBeginInfo with a non-imageless VkFramebuffer
  • Pipeline cache cannot be opened for readonly while it is under write mode
  • Error when dump ELF code objects with illegal characters in pipeline name

Release v-2023.Q1.1 · GPUOpen-Drivers/AMDVLK