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The Inquirer posted a story that AMD needs to support Linux if it is to see success with its upcoming Opteron accelerated processor units (APUs), according to Supermicro.

AMD has been pushing its Fusion APUs for over a year in the consumer market but has said it will bring its GPGPU cores as a module into its Opteron server processors. However Tau Leng, VP of high performance computing (HPC) at Supermicro said that unless AMD sorts out Linux support for OpenCL it will not be successful.

Leng said "Linux support in HPC is a bare minimum" in the supercomputing industry, something that is borne out by looking at Top 500 lists in the past few years. Even Intel has been pushing the Linux capabilities of its Xeon Phi accelerator boards, demonstrating a Linux based operating system on a single core of its Xeon Phi board.
  AMD must sort Linux OpenCL support before launch of Opteron APUs