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AM 6.8.2 has been released. The speeds of the options -a/about, -l/list, and -f/files have been enhanced. The "version-args" file can be generated when apps are installed, updates are applied, or the file is not present. The -f option uses a function to determine the type of program installed, retaining the existing file unless removed.

"AM" 6.8.2

Improved the speed of the options -a/about-l/list and -f/files.

The function to check the versions of installed applications takes a long time to generate a list, especially if there are a lot of installed apps.

If the "version-args" file already exists, you no longer need to recreate it from scratch. You could also just create it:

  • when apps are installed (option -i);
  • when updates are made (option -u);
  • when the file is not present (for example using the option -c).

In the latter case, the first time you launch one of the affected options you may experience a slowdown, but all subsequent times you will rely only on the existing file.

As for the option -f, it also relies on a function that checks the type of app installed, so if the file listing the details of installed apps already exists, it will be preserved, unless they have been previously removed applications. In this case this list will be created again, while the version list will be left intact.

Release "AM" 6.8.2 · ivan-hc/AM