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Another update for the AM application manager for AppImage is available. AM is an application manager that is inspired by AUR and serves as an AppImage manager, installer, and updater. It currently contains over 1800 AppImage packages and official standalone applications for GNU/Linux, which are derived from tar and zip archives.

"AM" 6.1.3

Option nolibfuse: reintroduced the function to remove .xml files in a share/metainfo folder within the AppImage, if it exists.

This approach fixes the problems of releases  6.1 and  6.1.1, intercepting the "share/metainfo" directory inside the AppImage, and if it exists, the function will work in that directory to clean the files with the .xml extension, required by Appstream .

This step helps export Type2 AppImages to Type3 (i.e. that do not use libfuse2), and in the case Appstream Validation prevents the creation of the new AppImage.

Previously, the function pointed to a variable "$metainfodir" which (by my mistake) even if silent, was queried to remove its contents... but if empty, it pointed to "/", causing serious problems. It caused some for me too, after some of you pointed it out to me.

NOTE: This function does not guarantee the conversion of all AppImage packages, but is only a workaround.

However, I suggest that you contact upstream developers to update their packages and avoid relying on third-party tools (like mine) to solve such problems.

"AM"/"AppMan" is a package manager, and as such should only list them, install them, update them, remove them.

Consider nolibfuse an "extra" option that you could very well do without, if only your favorite developers would make improvements to your favorite software themselves.

For me, creating new options is a game and an outlet, "AM"/"AppMan" is still amateur software, made by a non-professional and unqualified developer, such as I am. Many of my collaborators, in this repositories, clean up the code because of my syntax, which sucks. And let this be the proof to make you aware of the truth.

I started writing "AM"/"AppMan" because I was tired of waiting for someone to write it for me. I didn't want to switch to Flatpak, much less Snap. After all, I'm just an ordinary Linux user who has a lot of time to waste... testing what he's learned, killing time. I have no real background as a programmer, and if that were the case, I would avoid making such serious mistakes, be they a line of code or inappropriate behavior towards those who are more expert than me and want to help me by collaborating on the code.

Having said that, I offer you my apologies.

I hope I haven't disappointed anyone. I hope you continue to appreciate my efforts. And finally, I hope you continue to support AppImage. With or without me.

See you soon.

Full Changelog 6.1...6.1.3

Release "AM" 6.1.3 · ivan-hc/AM