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A new version of the AM application manager for AppImage has been released to address a critical issue in the "" module. AM is an application manager that is inspired by AUR and serves as an AppImage manager, installer, and updater. It currently contains over 1800 AppImage packages and official standalone applications for GNU/Linux, which are derived from tar and zip archives.

"AM" 6.1.2


Fix critical bug in "" module, now the option nolibfuse will use no workarounds to bypass Appstream errors, for security reasons, see  569c667

Other changes:

  • Option -u or update, add suboption --apps to update only the applications;
  • Fix error mesages in -c or clean;
  • Updated several installation scripts to use "zsync" and appimageupdatetool Type3 from

Full Changelog 6.1.1...6.1.2

Release "AM" 6.1.2 · ivan-hc/AM