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A new version of the AM application manager for AppImage is available. AM is an application manager that is inspired by AUR and serves as an AppImage manager, installer, and updater. It currently contains over 1800 AppImage packages and official standalone applications for GNU/Linux, which are derived from tar and zip archives.

"AM" 6.1.1

The new option nolibfuse from Version 6.1 has been improved!

Before, if the update occurs through "comparison" of versions, the converted AppImage will be replaced by the upstream version, which could still be Type2... NOW instead, when using the command nolibfuse for the first time, it will be added within the application's AM-updater script, so as to automatically start the conversion at each update!

Note, this may prolonging the update time, depending on the size of the AppImage.

As always, I suggest anyone to contact the developers to create their AppImage packages as Type3!

Not only does it help to no longer depend on libfuse2, but it significantly reduces the size of large AppImage packages (for example, Kdenlive went from 200 to 180 MB, while Libreoffice from 330 to 298 MB). Check it out and... spread the verb!

Full Changelog 6.1.1...6.1.1

Release "AM" 6.1.1 · ivan-hc/AM